Services of the Mental Health Treatment Center

If it passes on Dec. 8, the tax would pay to create a 30-bed Mental Health Treatment Center and pay for its services. The Center would stabilize people with mental illness or related addictions and connect them with service providers for the treatment they need. It would be staffed by experienced mental health professionals to either provide or coordinate the following services:

  • Mobile Assessment Team that will respond independently, or with law enforcement, to assess levels of service intervention needed.

  • Sobering Beds, where people under the influence of drugs or alcohol can safely reach sobriety.

  • Medical Detoxification, where people withdrawing from substance dependence are evaluated and medically managed, and physical harm to them from detoxification process is minimized.

  • Behavioral Health Respite staffed for acute psychiatric care.

  • Care Management Team to provide ongoing community support and care management interventions to high users of the behavioral health and criminal justice systems.