Meet Michelle


She was picked up high on pills and alcohol, far from home, and dressed like a rainbow. 

It began in her teens. One day, her father packed up the children and flew them across an ocean to America, leaving behind a drug-addicted wife. But he wasn’t alone for long. He quickly married a woman in the U.S. with whom he'd been communicating over the Internet. They had a child together. Then her dad abandoned her for his new family.

Little girl, lost. She started taking drugs and ended up so high that dressing up as a rainbow to party somehow seemed right. It made as much sense as anything else in her life then. 

She was arrested, of course. Because she’s not an American citizen, a conviction would have sent her back to her country of origin. There, she would have become even more lost in a place now foreign to her and with no one to look after her.

The Bridge Center social worker took a chance on her. The arrest was her first, which was in her favor. And she had a job as well. Both those factors were important in making the decision to put the woman in rehab. 

“Thank you,” she says, as she leaves.