P&N hired, new board members elected

By Tonja Myles
Chair, Community Relations Committee

Effective July 1, Postlethwaite & Netterville was formally engaged to provide accounting services to the Bridge Center. After a month-long process of transitioning financial responsibilities, P&N is now fully responsible for assisting the Bridge Center with day-to-day accounting activities.

Pastor Tonja Myles

Pastor Tonja Myles

At the regularly scheduled Board of Directors meeting on July 22, 2019, the following new members were elected to the Board: Charlotte Claiborne, Patrick Seiter, and Sharon Buchanan Robinson. We are excited to welcome them to the Board and look forward to working with them for the betterment of Baton Rouge.

In keeping with national best practices around the provision of behavioral health crisis stabilization services, the Bridge Center issued a Solicitation of Proposals (SOP) for a clinical provider for the Bridge Center’s proposed services. After extending the deadline for submission by one week because of Tropical Storm Barry, the Bridge Center received two proposals; one from RI International and another collaborative proposal from Our Lady of the Lake and the Baton Rouge General.

Representatives from each proposing entity will give oral presentations to a committee of national and local experts tomorrow, August 13. Each proposal will be evaluated for best-fit by undergoing a formal scoring process; this review process and the scoring rubric is outlined in the Solicitation of Proposals under “Part 3: Evaluation”. After the review of each proposal the selection team will recommend that the Board of Directors engage the highest scoring entity as the service provider for the Center. The full Board of Directors will then vote to accept or deny the committee’s recommendation at their next meeting.

Once a firm is selected, we anticipate that contract negotiations will begin with a service provider immediately; we hope to have a fully executed contract with the selected entity in October. It will take time for the provider to obtain licensure, hire qualified staff, and complete other key preparations for operations. Given this preparatory period we are targeting early spring of 2020 for an opening date of the Center.

As always, we look forward to seeing the Center come to fruition and will continue to keep you updated along the way.


Tonja Myles

Tonja Miles